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2022 International Garden Festival Garden

Concept Submission by Desirae D. Wood:

The ‘Garden of the Blue Marble’ tackles the theme of adaptation in three ways. First, the entry experience from lush forest to minimalist garden is a metaphor on the cycle of life. Second, the Japanese dry landscape garden originated as a response to rebuilding after wars when materials were limited. And third, the portrait of Earth reminds us that we are in this together. From these we see adaptation of the individual, of resources, and of our global community.

Visitor Experience:

Set on the edge of the forest, a light and airy pavilion encloses a Japanese dry landscape garden represent­ing our home, Earth. ‘The Blue Marble’ is a portrait of a living world; like its namesake photo from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, this garden offers a miniaturized and deeply serene experience of the entire interconnected and beautiful world.

Stepping from the forest edge, one enters the garden through an aromatic cedar clad pavilion. A rectangle of crushed white shell defines the space. From this flat plane emerges flowing lush green mounds. Stone masonries are sprinkled throughout.

Representing a scenery of mountains and seascapes, various perspectives arise from walking around the gar­den’s perimeter… One might expound upon the scen­ery of vivid and beautiful contrasts and further see the world as a living system, as the cradle of humanity, as our precious world in the vast emptiness of space…

An allegory on the human condition this garden urges us, in the words of American Astronomer Carl Sagan, to “preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

Suggested Plants:

Native grasses, ferns, and low growing thyme


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