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Community Outreach and Education

What better way to strive towards creating awe-inspiring gardens than to be a lifelong student?


With this conviction, Desirae D. Wood continually en­gages in outreach to the community, mentoring and education, along with studying the arts. She has been involved with the following organizations:

  • Denver Botanic Gardens:  Desi is currently developing the Niwa Mori (Guardian of the Garden) Japanese Garden Education Program for the Rocky Mountain Region. ‘The Japanese Garden Approach’ lecture and ‘Mountain Sceneries’ three-day design intensive will be offered to the public starting Fall of 2023.

  • Regenerative Education Collective of Denver

  • American Society of Landscape Architects – ASLA

  • North American Japanese Garden Association – NAJGA

  • Sogetsu Ikebana, Urasenke Chado, and en plein air watercolor

  • Greenroof Info Thinktank – GRIT

  • KAKEHASHI Cultural Exchange Project, Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Cities Alive

  • Urban Ecology and Conservation Symposium

  • Noel Pour Nous Fundraiser

  • Charlotte Tani Douti Scholarship

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