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Project Team: Aurora Landscape, Hanlon Development/Client, KPFF Engineering, SEA Architecture, Stone Sculptures, & Treecology/Arborist


The Willamette Valley is home to one of the rarest plant communities on earth - the Oregon White Oak Savanna. Only 5% of the original Oregon White Oak Sa­vanna still exists in Oregon and is expected to thrive as climate patterns shift in the area with hotter, drier summers and wetter winters. Used by more than 200 species of native wildlife, these keystone majestic Oaks can live up to 500 years and are an important part of the cultural heritage and natural legacy of the valley.

Now imagine setting such an important and beautiful natural scenery in the middle of historic downtown Canby. A double spiral pathway meanders through sunken wildflower meadow stormwater gardens and converge in a community area encircled by mounded striated rocky Oregon White Oak outcroppings. In­corporated into the landscape, Desirae D. Wood ensured a delight for the senses with overhead gateways, areas for sculpture, and a variety of seating nooks.

The Oregon White Oak Grove quietly embraces the courtyard garden with a protective atmosphere while honoring the history of the area. Utilizing the ‘Miyawaki Method,’ a Japanese urban reforestation technique, the Oak Grove will quickly grow in following its construction in 2023. Surrounded by multi-use and renovated historic buildings, this garden creates a space for people of all ages. It restores part of our cultural heritage and natural legacy. It gives the opportunity for our great-great-grandchildren to see and feel the magnificence of an Oak grove in a garden which celebrates and brings the community together.

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